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Submitting a CV

Submitting a CV

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CV Advice

Important Points

  • Keep your CV down to two pages in total.
  • Structure your CV, using sections and sub-headings.
  • Use bullet points, ensuring content is clear, structured concise and relevant.
  • Keep the same font and size throughout, apart from headings and sub-headings.
  • Avoid using images, decorative borders, and italics.
  • Limit the use of ‘bold’ text to headings and sub-headings.
  • Check content carefully for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
  • Tailor your CV to the requirements of the job specification, employer and industry.
  • Emphasise relevant skills and experience relating to the job specification.
  • Be truthful and realistic as false information may cause issues during the interview process.
  • When writing your CV you are marketing yourself to that particular business, so the better prepared and presented the CV the better it will be received.


Sections within your CV

  • Personal details; Name, address, telephone numbers, email address, nationality etc.
  • Personal profile; Short introduction (2/3 sentences) about yourself and your current situation. It is a good opportunity to detail your plans for the future, as no other part of the CV allows for this.
  • Skills; IT skills, relevant courses, training, languages, driving license etc.
  • Relevant employment history; Include all jobs relevant to what you are applying for. List the most recent jobs first, working your way backwards. List key duties as bullet points and explain any gaps within your employment history.
  • Other employment history; List all the other jobs you have done that are not directly relevant to the position for which you are applying for. Include voluntary and charity work.
  • Education and qualifications; List your most recent institution at the top and work backwards. Outline achievements and qualifications underneath each University, College etc.
  • Achievements; To include all hobbies, and interests as well as any unusual pastimes.
  • Referees; Name position Company/Instituation, then write ‘Contact details upon request’. Ensure the people chosen will offer a positive reference and where possible choose referees most likely to have a positive influence on your success.

Candidate Process

We like to keep things simple - finding out more about you and matching you to the best vacancies...

  • 01. Send us your CV

    The start of the process is the same for all our Vacancies, once we receive your CV, we will assess your suitability and get in touch if we feel we can help you quickly in the near future.

  • 02. Contacting you

    We love connecting with people and will want to learn more about you and your requirements. The next stage in this process is usually a casual telephone conversation to gain an overview of your background and future ambitions.

  • 03. Registering

    By taking all the information you provide us with we may offer you to register with us. If this is the case, we will send you a registration form to complete and then meet you either by a Zoom Video call or face to face in our office.

  • 04. Feedback or Job Offer

    Hopefully, we will now be able to set you up with some job interviews where we will provide you with lots of guidance and tips to help you. For any interview you attend we will provide feedback, (where possible), if you are successful, we will give you the good news at the earliest opportunity and help ensure you are ready for your NEW JOB!

  • 05.Keeping in touch

    If we do not get you an interview straight away, don’t wait for us to contact you – please send us an email or phone in to check the status of your job applications and to keep us up to date with your current circumstances.